All churches are different. At Trinity we want to welcome you as best as we can. 

What times does the service start? 

Our worship starts at 10 am. Parking is available in front of the sanctuary and in our lower parking lot. At 9:45 am, fresh coffee is served and people are engaged in conversations. We are genuinely glad you found us and hope your first worship service with us is a blessing to you.

What does the service look like?

Our service opens with a gathering song to bring everyone together for worship. This is followed by announcements, a greeting time, several songs, readings, a scripture text and then a sermon from our pastor. If you would like see more specifically more details about what our service looks like, click here. 

What should I wear?

We hope you'll come and not feel self-conscious.  You'll see people somewhat dressed up for Sunday morning and you'll also see people dressed casually.  Our concern is that you feel you can enter into God's presence with a focus upon worship.

What about my kids?

Kids of all ages are always welcome! Click here to learn more about what Sundays look like for children.

Other Questions?

Send us an email at

How do I develop community at Trinity Church?

Christ calls us to be in community and fellowship with one another. We want you to learn to walk with Jesus, both individually and in community with other believers. Here are some opportunities to do just that. 

1. Let us know you are here!

Fill out a Welcome Card on Sunday, send us an email here, or fill out our Online Welcome Card by clicking the button below.

2. Subscribe to our email Newsletter 

This is our way of giving announcements, sharing needs, and communicating on events. 

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3. Join a Small Group 

This can help you meet others in the church and begin to build relationships. Click here to learn more about our Small Groups.


Feel free to contact Pastor Todd by email.

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September 16, 2018

September 23, 2018

Book Recommendations

Our love for books is an extension of our belief that you can't live the Christian life by yourself. Books are friends, guides, and advice from Christians who have gone before us. Just as a person's friends say a lot about them, so the books that an organization recommends say a lot about it. Here's a chance to look at our bookshelf. You will find our top recommendations for Christian growth, followed by some personal favorites.

See the complete list here.


Did you miss a sermon?

Need a previous worship folder? Want to know what the Pastors are currently reading? You're in the right place.

Find all our past sermons and recordings here.

“Spiritual Maturity: A Surprising Truth” September 16, 2018

“The Resting Heart” September 23, 2018