Our service opens with a gathering song to bring everyone together for worship. The Bible presents worship as a dialog and it is our hope for that to be a part of our service. The first song is followed by annoucemnts as well as a greeting time to meet those around you. This is followed by songs, our Sunday theme verse, a call to worhip, confessing our sins and hearing God's forgiveness of sins, and prayer for those in the Church, our missionaries, or the community around us. This is followed by a reading of our text and then hearing it delivered in a sermon. We then celebrate the Lord's Supper or Communion. We receive our tithes and offerings each week but visitors, please do not feel obligated to give unless the Lord leads you to do so. Finally, we are sent out with the gracious embrace of our God to engage the world.

Sermons Preaching at Trinity is expositional and Gospel-driven. Expositional means that the text is examined and explained in its original context with the goal of application to our lives today. Applying the Bible to our lives is done through the grace of the Cross. The heart is called upon to look again and again to Christ. No lasting change will come about apart from the heart. Biblical preaching is not presenting mere facts about the Bible. Responding to the preached Word must be rooted in the good news and resources God has provided. We seek to preach Christ and unfold how the text speaks to our need for God's grace in Christ. We are Gospel-driven in the sense that in every aspect of our lives we seek to be aligned with how God has treated us in the Gospel.

Post Service - A typical worship service is finished by 11:30am. We provide coffee and light refreshments in the foyer. Parents pick up their children from the Nursery. This is a great time to visit and meet new people.