Christians and the Gospel

Unleashing the wondrous and deeply satisfying news of Jesus was the original vision of those who founded Trinity in 1977. Because of the gospel, Trinity Presbyterian Church is making a difference in the community. The truth is Christians need the Gospel. That is our chief goal.


Trinity originally started at Aikahi Elementary School and within a few years purchased the land on Auloa Road.  In 1982 the vision of the Church expanded to include Trinity Christian School. 

The Story of Renewed Hope

Trinity's story is one of renewed hearts.  The power of the cross creates renewal of love and desire in the hearts of worshippers. The Gospel's power brings hope that we can live and move in love and have confidence that God is working. God empowers us by His Gospel.  Every area of life is to fall in line with the Gospel: we are to live in light of how God has acted toward us in sending His Son.

"I was ready to give up on the idea of Church," so said someone who grew up on Oahu.  This individual went on to explain with tears in his eyes that at Trinity his family not only heard good teaching but that he saw a heartfelt desire to put into practice the things that were spoken. 

"Thank you for being here, my wife was ready to give up all together"  said the husband whose wife had been trained as a Christian Counselor and who had become deeply frustrated with her church experience.  

So today, to respond to Jesus Christ with joyful willingness, we gather in worship, receive instruction, live in community, and seek to bless and serve our community.